Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Why oh why?! - Take 2

So I’d gone and done it. Finally created a new blog on the impressive tumblr platform. But soon ran into problems when I wanted archive and category features on the micro blogging platform. Not even the new kid on the block Posterious had all the features I needed. So I decided to come back on Blogger and give it another chance. After all it's quick, customisable and has all the features I need right now.

So why start a new blog anyway?… Well my last blog was getting around 3000 hits a month before I stopped posting entries around 18 months ago and its still getting 2000 now. I found posting little snippets for getting around bugs and problems I had stumbled across were not just good for me to record for future reference, but the blog posts that people found most useful.

Every developer uses the net to find solutions for the problems they come across and this blog is my contribution to the developer communities; hope you find something useful :)

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