Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Memory stream is not expandable

An upgrade to .Net 4 for an MVC app highlighted an issue with the MemoryStream class we were using in the framework. Seems that unless you use the default constructor, the stream cannot be expandable. If the stream expands you'll get a lovely System.NotSupportedException: Memory stream is not expandable error thrown at you like a ninja star.

var ninjaStarStream = new MemoryStream(buffer); // Potential error
var fluffyStream = new MemoryStream(); // Stream is expandable :)

Consider yourself warned!

Monday, 10 January 2011


Now this looks interesting... .Net development for Android using Monodroid

I signed up to be put in the queue to be part of testing (so I can get the download), but some how stumbled upon the hidden download when browsing the site! #win

P.S. Does anyone want to but me a Nexus S?

Firefox is King!

Internet Explorer loses its place as Europe's number one browser for the first time

...perhaps this will give Microsoft a kick up the arse!? Perhaps not.

IE's market share dropped to around 37.52 percent in December 2010 while Firefox's market share remained fairly consistent at 38.11 percent :)